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Submission for admission

Submission are submitted through the General Directorate of Admissions at the Ministry of Higher Education to ensure that the secondary certificate meets the requirements and the special requirements of the required program The National University was one of their wishes, and they agreed to compete. In order to fill vacancies, the College welcomes the submission Directly in their offices or online submission, in which case the University will submit to the Ministry on behalf of the student. The application to the National University means that the student has been informed of the programs and procedures described in on the University's website. and the student guide to admission to higher education, preferably the student also the applicant and his / her family must read this manual before signing it in the application form.

Nomination for admission and registration

The nomination of the student by the Ministry for the National University shall be considered as approval of the admissions qualifications The university can accommodate the student only after completing the registration procedures and passing the examinations, at the time you specify. The university in the press declaration in the week denotes the announcement of the results of admission to higher education.

Registration requirements

1. Nomination by the General Directorate of Admissions and Admission of the admission form to the concerned college of the national university faculties. 2. Attendance of the student himself on the day of registration, the student may arrange an interview from abroad (In video and audio), in the presence of a reliable representative of the University outside Sudan, in exceptional cases. 3. Bring a certified identity document (passport to non-Sudanese, national number of Sudanese) in addition to birth certificate for Sudanese students. 4. Modern color photos.

Registration procedures

1. Interview with the admissions officer to ensure that the admissions form arrives and that the identification data is matched with as stated in the admission form, and receive the registration form. 2. Fill out the registration form and install the images. 3. Receiving the student's handbook or reading it, on the university's website, with the guardian. 4. Signing the student and his / her guardian to abide by the regulations contained in the manual after reading it 5. Payment of the expenses of the first full year by an approved check or proof of payment in the University account banks approved. See the "Study Fee List" for the registration arrangements for the years or any other method adopted by the University. 6. Receive notification of the medical examination of the registrar. 7 - Conduct medical examination at the university on the specified date, and the examination of the college concerned. 8. Receive the card that allows the student to enter the college gate and use the halls, laboratories and libraries. 9. Prepare and adhere to the uniform from the first day of the study.

Delayed registration

The period may be extended for three days 1. The registration is done on the day specified for it accepted excuses, with the approval of the Dean of the College concerned, and the student who completes the registration procedures In this period he is not interested in studying at the university, and his form is presented to the administration of admissions, and is considered his place for other applicants vacant. 2. Students who fail to register on the first day lose the opportunity for free medical examination they must carry the burden of medical examination from specific centers, through the university.

Postponement of study (freezing)

Any student who has been registered for a particular semester may apply for a freeze, if it is the reasons for the academic regulations shall be for reasons not exceeding four semesters together or sporadic, with renewal in each chapter. And he must complete the procedures for dismantling the freeze according to his wishes, when the reasons for freezing cease.

Resignation, dismissal and suspension of the study

The registered student can voluntarily withdraw from the study with the approval of the concerned college administration and the university, and the application of the requirements of the regulations in this the university may also separate students to academic failure, or unexplained absence of two semesters or a shortening of behavior. A student who voluntarily resigns may apply for university study if he or she has studied. Has successfully completed more than two semesters, and has been absent from study for less than two semesters. Including the penalties provided to the laws of education to study for extended or short periods. According to in the academic and behavioral regulations it is a commentary Higher The student does not deserve a detailed certificate of academic track signed by university officials, and a midwife for certification, except by graduation, resignation, or dismissal.

Examinations from abroad and transfer of academic records

To apply for an examination from abroad more than once, if he meets the requirements. The student can be dismissed academically with the approval of the Scientific Council, and the payment of the fees the academy accordingly study fees. The list allows the transfer of the academic records of the various courses with a number of other universities currently: Al-Jazeera, Rabat, Alzaeem Al-Azzari, and Africa International so that the student can sit for the exam at Courses that have been missed or unsuccessful at any of these universities, and depend on the results obtained, as well any student from these universities can attend courses or sit examinations at the National University, with the approval of deans in the respective colleges.

Management of the University, Its units and functions

The university is supervised by the National Council for Higher Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the university is committed law and decisions of the National Council for Higher Education, and its law, signed and signed by the gentlemen of the President of the National Council and the President of the Republic, the Council of the University of the administrative and financial planning and approval programs and ensure conformity Management behavior with total quality requirements. The University has a scientific council that proposes academic plans, supervises its implementation, ensures the quality of the academic product and the community responsibility, represents the student, and works the Dean is responsible for the implementation of the administrative and academic programs. The latter is subject to the directives and decisions of the Scientific Council of the college, he is responsible for the technical aspects of the academic process and for the student's results and levels. and lead this interconnected network of collective management improves performance, provides for verification and re-verification requirements Justice and mastery. All steps and actions intended for each college in the university (medicine and pharmacy, physiotherapy, computer and health informatics, medicine) Dental surgery, radiology, laboratories, nursing, and management sciences), dean representing the academic body and senior management within the faculty, and collaborates with the faculty in his college to overcome the academic difficulties, Coordination with other faculties in joint and compulsory courses and addressing discrepancies in the actual implementation of study plans. This is done at a weekly meeting of all faculty members. Each course a committee of professors (including one student) oversees its implementation and matches what I want to happen and what has happened, and the consequent remediation of emergency problems. There is an education committee that monitors documents and procedures Implement, evaluate, and review the curriculum, if it is found to be necessary.

Requirements and procedures for registration

1. The nomination is made by the General Directorate of Admission to the ministry of Education, and the admission form is received registration of students unless approved by the General Directorate of Admissions. The student may be registered with the application direct and complete electronic acceptance procedures. 2. A student must be present in person on the day of registration, along with the following supporting documents (accepting the presence of the student representative) - Passport for non-Sudanese, national number, nationality or ID card for the Sudanese, in addition to the birth certificate. - Six new color photos (Passport). - Matching the identity papers with the acceptance forms. - A receipt (from the university) or a notification (by the bank) to pay the tuition fees. 3. The procedures are as follows: - The candidate of the university must review the administration of admission in the absence of a form acceptance, submit the form number in case of electronic submission. - The student shall ensure that the name is matched in the admission form or the university number with the certificate of proof. - Interview with the college registrar to receive the registration form and packing - The registrar will put the number and the academic year, admission form on the registration form, in addition to the student's name the required address, the address of the mailing family and telephone, and the address and telephone of the nearest relative in third cities: Khartoum, Khartoum North or Omdurman. - Payment of expenses by proving their payment in the university account at the specified bank. According to procedures of the university. - Receive notification of the medical examination of the registrar. - Conduct medical examination at the university or outside it in other places, decided by the university. - Preview procedure. - Signature of the student and his guardian on the list of activity and student behavior before the Examination Committee. - Receive the card that allows the student to enter the university gate and use the lab libraries within three days of preview. - Bring the uniform to enter the university, and use it from the first day 4. The above procedures are subject to change according to the ministry's policies and other variables. The details of the declaration issued at the beginning of each year are the rules for that year. 5. The registration shall take place at the times and places specified in accordance with the declaration. The period may be extended to those who have accepted excuses. 6. A student who does not complete the registration procedures in the specified period is not interested in studying at the university, and his form is presented to the admissions department, and his place is considered vacant for other applicants. 7. Students who fail to register on the first day lose the opportunity of free medical examination, and have to carry the burden of medical examination in specific centers, does not depend on others. 8. The student who completed the registration procedures and absent from the study for a full semester without an acceptable excuse to apply the regulations of examinations and the list of tuition expenses, in this case is registered with the band followed by new registration procedures and tuition fees determined by the university. 9. A student who is not medically fit or who is received by the examination committee will be returned to the admissions department. 10. students of the advanced classes - after the first semester do not require medical examination, and they must meet the registrar of the college directly on the day of registration and start the proceedings, and registration of those for one day, the study begins immediately after, and raise the name of the unregistered student from the list three days after the date of registration , and the inclusion of a student applying for transfer to the university shall be considered in its place, with the approval of the competent committee of the directorate general of admissions. 11. No student may enter the university or attend lectures or other study activities, inside or outside the university, or use libraries only after obtaining his university card, and the student must carry it with him permanently, and highlight them when asked to do so. 12. A registered student may not allow his university card to be used for any purpose. Such behavior shall be punished, when proven, of the questions that may lead to the dismissal. In the case of loss of the card the student must immediately notify the police and the university for cancellation and receipt of a replacement card.

Withdrawal, Resignation and freezing

1. A registered student may withdraw from a specific course after less than half of his / her term and bear the burden of re-registration and study of the course at a later date. 2. The registered student may voluntarily resign from the university with the approval of the university administration and complete the procedures. After the approval of this, the college concerned to withdraw the student card and the file. 3. The student who voluntarily resigns may apply for the resumption of the study with the approval of the university if he has successfully studied for more than two semesters before resigning and has been absent from school for less than five years. 4. Any student who has been registered for a certain semester may apply for a freeze and complete the procedures, if he has a reason for the regulation, provided that the period of the freeze does not exceed four semesters combined or separated, with renewal in each semester without payment of fees. If the frozen chapters continue, the prism if the chapters are frozen. After the approval is issued, the student file is saved and his card is temporarily withdrawn. 5. Freezing shall be allowed in the first year only in special cases related to family conditions approved by the Rector. 6. Applications for freezing shall not be accepted more than one month after the beginning of the semester, or the date of registration student, except for compelling reasons appreciated by the university president. 7. The student can withdraw the freeze by his / her wish during the period specified in the previous item and must complete the procedures.

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