The Second Scientific Conference of the National University - Sudan

Title: Multidisciplinary Research for Community Development 28th - 29th /04/2018

Pre-conference workshops 24-27th/04/2018

Conference Venue: Conference Room National University Sudan


The National University, Sudan has the honor of organizing its Second National Conference entitled: Multidisciplinary Research for Community Development. This conference aims at bringing together foundational and leading edge research exploring dimensions of improving quality of life in Sudan, a country that is currently suffering from poverty and displacement, which resulted in the emergence and re-emergence of different health hazardous diseases and behaviors. This scientific gathering aims at highlighting the value of employing applied research, which can positively affect the life pattern and style of people coming from different cultural systems and ethnic groups. We also aim at being far sighted in knowing how can research play a major role in the development of our country.


  1. Health Science:
    • Parasitology
    • Microbiology
    • Immunology
    • Pathology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Human Morphology
    • Bioinformatics
    • Evidenced-Based researches
    • Health communication
    • Diagnostic radiation and Radiotherapy
    • Pharmacological aspects of natural products and synthesis of bioactive plant constitutes
    • Sport science research
  2. Business, economics in globalization and critical social sciences:
    • Technology development and economic performance
    • Monetary policy
    • Trade liberalization issues
    • Public opinion and political communication
    • Poverty alleviation and sustainable development
    • New media in the context of interpersonal, group, organizational and mass communication
    • Community based savings and credit systems
  3. International Relations and development:
    • International humanitarian intervention
    • NGOs and development
    • International institutions and development
    • Diplomacy and development
    • Media and Development
  4. Abstracts guide lines:
      → Please observe the following when submitting an abstract in English or Arabic before the specified deadline:
    • Download the abstract in the given template
    • Submit your abstract of no more than 250 words
    • You will be receiving an email confirming your abstract submission in addition to another one indicating acceptance or rejections of the paper
      • → Important Dates
      • Deadline for Abstract submission: 15/04/2018
      • Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: 20/04/2018
      • Application of revised abstracts and full manuscripts: 20/04/2018
      • Registration: Registration will be made on our online system starting from 05/02-20/04-2018.

Scientific Workshops 24-27 April/2018

# Faculty Name of the workshop Instructor Participation fees Date Maximum number of participants Contact Person Phone/Email
1 National University Research Institute(NURI) Bioinformatics، Drug Discovery and Molecular Simulation Dynamic BIO Discovery Group 1000 SDG 24-27 April 50 Dr.Sofia M. Basher 0912162572
2 Medical Laboratories Hospital Infection Control Dr.Mohammed Elhaj 500 SDG 26 April 50 Mrs.Fatima Elsheikh 0916583988
3 Medical Laboratories Digital Pathology Dr.Othman Elmahi 500 SDG 25 April 20 Mrs .Amal Jubara 0923863474
4 Pharmacy Drug Design Dr.Mazin Abdulaazim 1000 SDG 25 April 50 Dr.Amjad Sir Elkhatim 0912368787
5 Pharmacy How to answer Drug related Inquiries Dr.Ashwag Abdulrahim 1000 SDG 26 April 30 Mrs. Samah Mahmoud Sami 0916578749
6 Medicine Automatic Brain Segmentation Bunyamin Sahin 500 SDG 25-26 April 50 Dr.Wegdan Mohammed 09127155717
7 Engineering Green Energy Opportunities in Sudan Prof:Zainab Abdalrahman Dr.Sawsan Almekawi 500 SDG 25 April 30 Prof:Zainab Abdalrahman
8 Radiology Radiology Medical Prof.Mohammed Elfadil 500 SDG 25 April 30 Dr.Maha Eltayeb 0909636706
9 Radiology Imaging Processing Prof.Mohammed Elfadil 500 SDG 25 April 30 Dr.Maha Eltayeb 0909636706
10 Information Technology Data Science Dr.Abdulrahman Mohammed Alamin 500 SDG 26 April 30 Mrs.Marwa Abdulmunim 0915028541
11 Dentistry Dental Implant –Easy Implant Easy Implant -France 200 USD 24-26 April 20 Dr.Eman Kheir 0912354055