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Our Vision

The VISION of the National University is to be a world-class leading provider of higher education in the Sudan. This includes aspects of elegance of environment and structures, excellence of curricula and learning strategies, as well as the aim is to have quality of management systems, commitment of investors and employees to customer satisfaction (students, relatives and regulators). Distinguished graduates in academic, general ethical standards, and concern with professionalism and original research production.

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Educational Programme Planning

Our Strategic Plan

The MISSION is to: (1) constantly strive to provide efficient and best-in-class professionals, in their specialties (2) meet and exceed our customer needs and expectations, and (3) stay ahead of the competition by creating safe and rewarding workplace facilities and innovating new quality output, services and relationships. Read More ...

Our Media Plan

Nobody denies the fact that media is important and has a significant role in shaping the present and constructing the future. This is because media effectively makes the events; it is deemed the roadmap for things, whether those things are positive or negative. Media became as holding all the cards in the publicity and decision making equation. Therefore, media has been of great interest for its significant role in forming the public opinion and swaying the larger public in its attitude to a given object at a given time, even if such attitude is full of mistakes and tainted with vices. On the other hand, media can sway the larger public from any other attitudes contrary to the attitude it adopts - even if such other attitudes are strictly adherent to virtue. Read More ...

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