News Alraqi University Hospital/ 2023-01-09


Professor Qurashi Mohamed Ali, President of the University and Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Qader Mahdi, Vice President of the University and Director of Al-Raqi University Hospital, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Karim and Professor Othman Hammour, Head of the Surgery Department at the hospital, and Dr. Salah Baloul, Medical Director, Minister of Health in charge of Khartoum State, Dr. Mahmoud AlQaim and Director of Therapeutic Medicine in the state of Khartoum Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, as part of an inspection and introductory visit to the hospital and its various units, where the director of the hospital presented a "detailed" report with figures and data on the hospital's performance during the previous period to discuss ways of cooperation and support from the state government to improve and support performance and increase the treatment area for citizens in emergency units, dialysis, cardiac catheterization and obstetrics and surgery, as the hospital includes the best medical staff, medical devices and equipment, and an excellent therapeutic environment with standard standards, in order to perform its role in community service, as the hospital provides very discounted treatment services in all different units.